Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Have a Boo-ti-ful Halloween

Have a BOO-ti-ful Halloween this year with MudPie's NEW Trick or Treat collection! 

The UPS/FED EX man is coming today, and we are thrilled 
about what all he is bringing us at Hadley and Finn!
He usually comes around or before lunch, but just to be safe, 
check out our FB Page. I will announce as soon as it arrives!

This Boo-ti-ful is arriving today!

MORE new arrivals and restocks:

Loving these Candy Bags that are coming! I can't wait to see if they can be monogrammed! 

 Pumpkin Longall is arriving in 0-6 Months, but the 12-18 Months size is on Backorder. 

Black and white Perfectly princess sleeper could also be 
Halloween with some orange accessories, or just everyday! 
It is also coming in today! 
Everyone loves these socks! They are so so CUTE and being restocked today!

The Pumpkin skirt set and the pumpkin hat are on backorder at this time. 
It shouldn't be long until they arrive! 

Did I mention that we have extended our sizes for Girls?? 
We now offer clothing for girls Premie-6X/7! 

One of our new lines Miss Tee V US/ Baxter and Beatrice! Comes in 6X!